EPD-Z Series

Every Fragrance System we offer applies respectively “dry“, heated ceramicblocks and a powerful axial blower for the allocation of the fragrance.

Our fragrances are qualitatively pretty top-quality and bases upon natural basesubstances with more than 70 different fragrances, directly available on stock. The ceramic fragrance-cartridge lasts, depending on the application, beyond/over four weeks and is very easy/foolproof and neat/clean removable within a few seconds.

Applies “dry“ fragrance-cartridges
No fluid-tank
Timer & ventilator control
Operation on 110V-240V/50-60Hz
2 year warranty
Internally out of stainless steel
Solid aluminiumcase/cage/frame
DMX control

Technical data
Model: EPD-Z
Power Consumption: 10 kw - CP550 should be connected
to a 40 amp mains supply
Operating Voltage:

220V / 240v
For 120v operation CP550
should be connected to the 3 phase supply

Area Coverage: 12,500 to 20,000 square Metres - Floor area.
Dependant on local conditions
Dimensions: H460mm x W370mm x L700mm (inc. air ducts)

15 Kgs