- Extremely robust construction , 350kg/m² (DIN 1055-3, 15920-11, res. BGV-C1)
- Low weight, therefore easy handling, only approx. 26kg (57lbs) per m²
- Active excitement with special controller, hence high grade of flexibility
- Version for "Out-Door-Use" available
- Easy assembly due to integrated, locking system
- Connection and loop through by the means of stable and easy to use SPEAKONÒ connectors

Multifaceted Application:
- Discotheques - As or in the dance floor
- Open-Air and Tend Festivals - Bass-Feeling without uproar
- Theme Parks - Enhancement of experience quality
- Cinemas - As a strong additional effect
- Fairs and exhibitions - False bottom with cable tray
- Museums - Transmission of information / music
- Shopping Malls - Transmission of information / music
- Event Catering/Dining - Enhancement of experience quality

Technical Data
Modell: I-Floor® 1x1 S-Floor 1x1
Frequency Response:

5Hz - 30Hz (I-Floor® 1x1)

15Hz-8kHz (S-Floor1x1)


max. 5mm (I-Floor® 1x1)


Power /m²:

400 W (max.)

Nominal Impedance:

16 Ohm (8 / 4 Ohm version available)

Control: Active Subharmonic Excitement with special controller
Bottom Layer: Multiplex Plywood
Top Layer: Multiplex Plywood, Phenolic Resin, water resistant (All floor covers)
Assembly: Integrated Locking System
Connectors: 2x SPEAKONÒ
Feet: 5 x rubber foot D=50mm
Measures (LxWxH): 1000 x 1000 x 100mm 39.37 x 39.37 x 3.94
Net. Weight: approx. 26 kg / 57,36lbs

Product information I-Floor® / S-Floor as PDF

Instruction manual I-Floor® / S-Floor as PDF

Product Flyer I-Floor® / S-Floor as PDF