pr-electronic Our fragrances are manufactured by one of the greatest suppliers/distributors of the cosmeticindustry, this arranges the excellent quality. We are proud to offer only the best quality in combination with a “State of the Art“ System for the fragrance distribution, which allows a perfect reproduction of the original fragrance in the athmosphere. The sense of smell has an exceedingly big influence on the wellness and for this reason an the thinking and behaviour of the people. With the lovely emotion/sensation of a delightful/enjoyable fragrance in the background, a major residence/retention time and propensity to buy/buying power/demand as well as an increase of positive emitions at experiences of every description appears. Fragrance perceptions are the catalytic converter to connect the human sensation with a matter/thing/object.

The impact of fragrances shoulnd’t be underestimated thereby in no way!

For activating another signification for a “special effect“.
As sales assistance.
For creating a delightful/enjoyable ambiance scent.
Improvement of efficiency and output.
Identification with a company / idea.
For eliminating unpleasant ambiance scents.

Here are some examples where to install ambiance scents effectively:

  • Shops

  • Concerts
  • Nightclubs/Discos

  • Car parks

  • Shopping centers/malls

  • Theme parks

  • Pubs/Bars

  • Public transport

  • Event catering /  Entertained dining

  • Special effects
  • Special Events
  • Surgeries /
    Medical practices
  • Offices

  • Sports halls

  • Exhibitions

  • Hotels

  • Production facilities
  • Cinema centers
  • Restaurants

  • Water parks

  • Airport Lounges

  • Theaters

  • Cafès

  • At home

  • Receptions

  • Supermarkets

  • Hospitals

  • Public rooms

  • Selection of constantly stocked fragrances:

    010/01 Amber 010/07 Orient1 020/35 Lemon&Lime
    030/06 Flower Shop 040/01 Aloe Vera

    Mountain Herbs

    040/08 Cannabis 040/11 Eucalyptus 040/18 Hay



    040/21 Cool Ocean 040/22 Ocean Breeze



    040/30 Pinewood 040/34 Sandalwood
    040/35 Sulphur 040/44 Cedarwood 050/04 Cappuccino
    050/08 Cola 050/16 Barbecue 050/22 Coffee
    050/26 Patisserie 050/36 Chocolate Orange 050/38 Oriental Spice
    050/42 Chocolate 060/15 Fresh Linen 060/30 Merry Christmas