Multiway / HiFi Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker with passive network and multiple speaker combination. To be used as high class professional monitoring system and for audiophile HiFi application at home. Manufactured reg. our straight quality and production standards. The first choice if you are searching for precise and dynamic reproduction of different sound sources.

Mid-Highrange Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker for uncompromising performance of sound materials for the mid- and high-range frequencies. Loudpeakers with active controlling or passive high power passive network and high-performance driver combination. For high power sound systems. Only in combination with high performance bass-loudpeakers "Sub Woofer" for medium to large scale venues.

Low-Frequency Loudspeakers
Loudpeakers with active controlling and high-performance cone driver(s). For completion of sound systems in the "Low-Section". Creation of a clear and deep bass-fundament at all sound performances.

Monitor Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker with passive network and and multiple high-performance driver combination, to monitor "Monitoring " the sound impression for the musicians on stage or for the sound-technicians in remote areas. Very linear Loudspeakers, for the clear reproduction of high sound levels without feedback affection. For small to medium venues as well as full range PA-System.

Line Array Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker with passive network or active controlling for line array configuirations to achieve a linear in-phase radiation. Due to this Line-Array-Effect adjustable coverage of the audience area with constant sound pressure level and frequency dispersion from near to far field. At high demands for the low frequency range in combination either with Bass-Extrensions, which could be suspended with the according Line-Array-System or with Infra-Bass-Systems, which are located on the ground. For large to very large venues in halls and open air.

WP-/ WPA-Series Weatherproof Loudspeakers

The Models WP-Series weatherproof loudspeakers are designed for constantly outdoor application, for example in Theme Parks, museums, open-air restaurants, stadiums and public squares and installations. Due to the use of high quality systems and the broad variety of models, it is easy to solve all possible audio-challenges in the professional field. Thanks to the wide scope for colors and shape, the loudspeakers are easy to integrate in different existing circumstances. In new projects nearby all designs could be realized due to the possibility in color and shape. The nicely developed user software of the remote unit, allows to identify and control units even at remote and difficult to reach positions.